Code of Conduct 1.    No player will be permitted to participate in any sport activities without the following forms (signed where applicable): • Registration/Parental Consent • Copy of Birth Certificate • Medical treatment information/physical and permission • Signed code of conduct and • Sport financial forms (with payment or arrangement form) 2.    Sport team members are required to perform both on and off the court.  Team members are responsible for keeping academic course performance within acceptable levels. 3.    All participants are required to display respect for teammates, coaches, officials, parents, and any other persons they may come in contact with while participating in any activities.  Disrespectful behavior will be reported to parents and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner which may include decrease of playing time up to and including suspension from the team.  Disrespectful behavior includes, but is not limited to, failure to comply with simple tasks (picking up trash, etc.) refusal to comply with requests of adults when on a trip (ignoring adults in charge, abiding by curfew, etc.) being insolent, abusive language, outbursts of anger, cursing and violent behavior. 4.    Also included in unacceptable behavior is: overly aggressive or out of control behavior or game play; bullying any player, sibling, fellow student or child at team facilities or organization gatherings; and theft. 5.    Other activities not permitted:  the possession of literature, pictures, or recordings presenting an indecent or immoral activity or ungodly belief or philosophy; gambling or use of tobacco, alcohol, or narcotic drugs or the implied use of these. 6.    A Godly atmosphere in which children can grow, play, and learn in peace and happiness is paramount in our organization.  Negative remarks about players, parents and coaching and/or coaches are not constructive, nor permitted.  They are divisive and break down the unity and Godly fellowship of the group.  They also adversely affect the children and their attitudes.  From time to time there may be situations with which you do not agree.  When those situations arise, we ask that they be brought to a parent so they can be examined and acted upon appropriately. The Coaches encourage and welcome the sharing with us of all concerns of parents and students…. but gossiping, murmuring and complaining are non-productive, not acceptable behaviors, and will be addressed.  The Bible is explicit about murmuring, complaining and scornful people (Ps 1:1; Prov. 22:9, 10; Prov. 19:29; I Cor.10:10; Phil. 2:14, 15 (among others)). 7.    When traveling, it is at the discretion of the head coach and/or AD to limit or exclude private travel and accommodations to insure students’ on time arrival at games and encourage team unity. 8.    E-mail addresses and lists of team and organization members are private and use must be cleared with the AD.  Those who receive such lists to expedite team business, may not use them for any purpose other than those intended by the administration. 9.    Anytime there is a team fund-raiser all members will be required to participate unless a “buy out” (an amount which may be donated in lieu of participation in the fund-raiser) is met. 10.  Team members will be required to attend practice at requested times and in a timely manner.  This will be a part of overall evaluation when determining playing time.  Players are required to be present at the time stated by the head coach, not game time.  If at any time you are late, a coach must to be notified and should be in possession of a telephone number where you can be reached in transit. 11.  Team members will treat equipment and all facilities with the highest level of care possible.  Members will be held responsible for items damaged due to irresponsible actions. 12.  Players and parents will treat officials with respect at all times.  Parents are not allowed on the field or bench area during a game.  Parents may not speak with opposing coaches or officials before during or after games.  Any parent not following these guidelines will be spoken with by an administration spokesperson, and if necessary, asked to leave game area.  Note:  While we all do not agree with officials at times, reprimanding and chiding officials usually only results in harsher decisions toward the team. 13.  As most families are conservative and many advocate courtship for their teens or allow teen group activities only, there should be no public display of affection between students or discussion of the opposite sex which suggests any impure motivations. 14.  Student’s dress code is discussed below.  Guests of players or their families should follow the same conservative dress.  If anyone attending activities is immodestly dressed, they will be asked to cover themselves appropriately. 15.  We are an organization which includes Christ in all of our activities.  Therefore, there will be prayer involved in our activities. Student’s Dress Code As in any group of people, we have diversity of convictions and lifestyles.  In an effort to minimize offenses to one another, it seems wisest to let the Lord’s love restrain us in our selections of clothing. Discipline All participants are expected and encouraged to exercise personal self-discipline, restraint and genuine kindness toward others. It is hoped that anyone viewing infringement of our code of ethics should report such infringement. Incident Report Whenever an individual violates policy or rules, a parent, coach or anyone involved in oversight may submit a report via email that states the details including time, those affected, what the incident was and what has been done with it so far. The person reporting the violation to the person completing the incident report may be held as confidential if requested. Students or parents of those students accused of an offense are not permitted to privately interrogate other individuals or parents involved as this can be intimidating and is improper.  Also, stirring ill will as a result of a report is not acceptable and will be disciplined.  The incident report is used as documentation for disciplinary measures that may need to be carried out by administration and is confidential.
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